/writing/ The Block Mover

IN A PREVIOUS life, I was a construction worker. I helped build homes, sort of. Void of any real construction skills, my duties consisted of moving heavy objects around the job site. Every morning it was the same set of orders – See that unorganized pile of concrete blocks over there? We need them moved... Continue Reading →

/writing/ The In-Between

ART DOESN’T JUST happen. It’s a dirty little secret that most artists don’t want you to know. But it’s true. I was fortunate to learn this lesson from my father, an artist. Some artists like to create the illusion of creative brilliance that is free from the constraints of the world around them – my... Continue Reading →

/writing/ An intuitive Welcome

I RECALL IT vividly. I sat in front of a communications team for a very large government agency. My own team sat by my side; excited, proud of their work. We had just submitted nearly two years-worth of media work on behalf of the agency, documenting their successes in some very inaccessible locations. They continued –... Continue Reading →

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