/writing/ Just Keep Writing

IN TALKING ABOUT strategic communications, we tend to focus our attention on the final outputs and ultimate consumers of the content: a report to our donor; a radio spot for a group of farmers; a fact sheet to a government official. But there is a lot of intermediary work that goes into producing these final... Continue Reading →

/writing/ An Inevitable Absence

TIME OFF WORK, it is a beautiful thing. But as a manager it often seems the benefits of a holiday are off-set by the stresses of returning to unfinished work. Managing a team is difficult enough when present, and even more so when you aren’t. It’s also true that absences are as inevitable as they... Continue Reading →

/writing/ The Big Question

KNOW YOUR VALUE. It’s a simple and sometimes overused adage. Though, it is important to consider. I was recently reminded of this concept when on a job search. Interviewers ask a lot of questions about yourself and how you work. I encountered deceptively simple questions like, tell us about yourself, with less time than it... Continue Reading →

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