/writing/ So It Began

MY SISTER AND I dangled our feet in the water. The world was peaceful. We talked about nothing, and everything, as siblings do. There appeared something on the surface of the water. Above, the moon. Below, a turtle; moving in its own direction, unconcerned with the incoming tide. Looking forward, unrestricted. We laughed and appreciated.... Continue Reading →

/writing/ Walking, Working Backwards

WALKING BACKWARDS MAY not have much use. But there might just be something to working backwards. Communications works focuses on producing a finalized product. A known quantity: a brochure, a video PSA, a donor quarterly report. Start from the end, the final product. What does it take to get there? Timing, content, sources of information,... Continue Reading →

/writing/ Strain Our Seeds

EVER BITTEN INTO a lemon seed while eating a dish? Me too. It’s bitter. It ruins the meal, immediately. Ever seen an egregious editing error in a communications piece? Me too. It’s a distraction. The message is lost. Immediately. Let’s strain our seeds. Let’s edit our work. Relentlessly. Thanks for reading.

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