/writing/ Valuing Internal Communications

INTERNAL ORGANIZATIONAL COMMUNICATIONS. We often forget about it. Don’t. Invest in establishing clear objectives for internal communications that addresses a core problem. Invest in establishing clear and consistent channels of communications and products for your staff and close partners. Invest in continuing to build and refine the policies, products, and channels over time to ensure... Continue Reading →

/writing/ Educate To Persuade

MANY OF OUR organizational communications products focus on educating our audience. We develop a brochure to help a prospective donor orient themselves with our work. We launch a radio PSA campaign so that a population understands how basic health practices can improve their lives. We as an audience don’t like what we don’t understand. And... Continue Reading →

/writing/ Aligning Our Reporting

DONOR REPORT WRITING. It’s part of our work and it can be a painful process – let’s jump into at least one aspect of it: structural alignment. It seems logical that we’d structure a reporting system in which weekly data easily feeds into a monthly format, monthly into quarterly, and so on. It seems logical... Continue Reading →

/writing/ A New Year

IT’S TIME. RESOLUTIONS. Commitments to become a better person. These can be fun, though rarely all that effective. It’s so easy to forget. We lose focus and encouragement over time. A classic tale. It seems to me that June or July is the best time to set resolutions. Then you get a nice bump of... Continue Reading →

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