/writing/ Let’s Do Better

DESIGNING AND MANAGING communications strategies in the development setting is hard. It’s a process loaded with challenges. There are the technical elements like editing a documentary, or writing a radio drama script, or drafting a legislative brief. As well the more abstract considerations, like different cultures, languages, and security that impact the work. But no... Continue Reading →

/writing/ Watching It Send

I SIT, WATCHING an email being processed. Attached is a large donor report that’s worth a substantial amount of money. A slow connection offers me time to reflect. It’s been a typical reporting process: intermittent, often unreliable information from the program teams; an ever-changing structure that can’t find its legs; last minute data corrections that... Continue Reading →

/writing/ Working Through It

WE ARE A few months into the experiment that is intuitiveBLU and intuitive Civil Society. No, our servers aren’t overloaded with traffic. No, clients aren’t flooding our inboxes with opportunities. We haven’t made any money yet. Our analytics page is searching for other opportunities. It’s…been a slow process. But that’s fine. We always knew it... Continue Reading →

/writing/ The Tension Mounts

WE HAD WRITTEN, reviewed, re-written, re-formatted. We had navigated the in-between, and now it sat in front of us as a final draft. Ready for its time under scrutiny. But was it genuinely ready? We never really know. There had been feedback internally, some of it good, most of it bad. We had verified the figures and refined the narrative. It’s even been approved by senior management.

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