/writing/ The Tension Mounts

WE HAD WRITTEN, reviewed, re-written, re-formatted.

We had navigated the in-between, and now it sat in front of us as a final draft. Ready for its time under scrutiny.

But was it genuinely ready? We never really know.

There had been feedback internally, some of it good, most of it bad. We had verified the figures and refined the narrative. It’s even been approved by senior management.

It is a solid product. We think.

Have confidence in our skills and instincts, we tell ourselves. We make small jokes with our team – hovered over our shoulder, also staring at the screen – in nervous anticipation. Don’t tell me if you find any mistakes – it’s too late now. Not a funny joke but everyone laughs a little too eagerly.

After all, it is a simple e-newsletter sent out to a modest-sized distribution list.

What’s the worst that could go wrong?

Thanks for reading.

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