/writing/ Working Through It

WE ARE A few months into the experiment that is intuitiveBLU and intuitive Civil Society.

No, our servers aren’t overloaded with traffic.

No, clients aren’t flooding our inboxes with opportunities.

We haven’t made any money yet. Our analytics page is searching for other opportunities.

It’s…been a slow process.

But that’s fine. We always knew it would be.

More than ever, we are confident that we are exploring something worthwhile. The ability to think, write, build, destroy, refine. It’s fun. And frustrating.

It’s also not a process that easily draws a crowd. In a time of connectivity; of such high standards for unsubstantiated volume, real work can often seem so….lonely.

So, we keep writing, thinking. We refine our assumptions, we plod ahead and hope we cross paths with somebody that shares the same passion.

And if lucky, somebody also willing to take a chance. Then it gets interesting.

Thanks for reading.

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