/writing/ A Blank Intimidation

FACED WITH IMPENDING deadlines, demanding clients, and public scrutiny, it seems a blank screen is the most intimidating.

Produce something. The desire from within is there, or perhaps it’s pressure from an outside source. But the cursor blinks back at us, alone, with no prospects of company.

Self-doubt and desperation become dangerous bedfellows. It was so easy last time. It shouldn’t be so much trouble. This piece has to be completed now.

Still nothing.


It’s a fleeting glimpse at what is likely another dead-end line of reasoning. But a desperate writer cannot afford such discernment. Stringing meaningful words together is not always such a clean process.

Whether luck or genuine intuition, it’s irrelevant. Our lead gains clarity and develops into a complete idea. And then [gasp]…words begin to form.

With reticence, our fingers approach the keyboard. A single sentence materializes on the screen. Hopefully the second one isn’t so difficult.

Fight the intimidation. Keep writing through it.

Thanks for reading.

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