/doing/ intuitiveBLU launches test platform to help local organization improve communications

This one has been a long time coming, but the intuitive Civil Society platform is open for testing. (Access it here)

What is it?

A free digital platform created for CSOs / NGOs / Non-profits organizations worldwide that are interested in improving how they communicate.

What core problem does it address?

We think there’s a more organic way to help organizations improve how they design and launch communications strategies. (Learn more here)

How does it work?

  1. Organizations / members create a profile and post their various communications materials to the site.
  2. Members score points based on a wide variety of scoring opportunities (i.e., create a website, reach 2,000 followers, develop press release, conduct a beneficiary feedback session).
  3. Members’ submitted materials are displayed publicly in a social media-like feed for the broader public
  4. Members build an internal database of their
  5. The intuitiveCS team uses the points to identify and engage active Members for additional support.

Where does it fit in the development industry?

The intuitiveCS team is looking to partner with CSO associations, government agencies, and development implementers to deliver direct training using the site, complemented with a complete curriculum.

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-dbenedict (dustin@intuitiveblu.com)

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