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If you work in the development setting it helps to understand the larger national security world that you work under. While the topic can be dense at times, our friends over at 5 NatSec Things  know how to cut to the most important (and often absurd) issues that affect us all.

We provide headlines in their latest post, but be sure to read the entire piece through the link provided. (And don’t forget to sign up for their weekly newsletter.)

5 NatSec Things – 13 Apr 2018


Today’s things: Moscow don’t tweet; Russian drone jam; Somalia kicks UAE to curb; flip flop on Qatar; drill sergeants head to AIT.

Quote of the Day
“You’ve now become a very big advocate, and we appreciate it. A lot of countries were funding terrorism and we’re stopping it. It’s getting stopped and fast — very important.” – Donald Trump to Qatari emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, who managed to keep a straight face

Russian politicians find moral compass thanks to Trump
The American Tweeter-In-Chief is making it possible for Moscow to look like the adult in a room littered with jailed dissidents, radioactive corpses, and pee tapes.

Russia jamming US drones in Russia
Predators and Reapers are (so far) ok, but smaller drones are getting all jammed up and don’t know where to go.

Somalia to UAE: Our army doesn’t need your money
Somali forces boarded an Emirati forces aircraft in Mogadishu over the weekend, seizing some $9.6 million in cash that I’m sure they turned in to proper authorities.

President Trump now sees Doha as anti-terror partner
Trump took an odd stance even by his standards, reversing previous claims that Qatar has been funding terrorists, which won’t sit well with the neighbors.

Army AIT platoon sergeants get to be drill sergeants again
Should be an easy transition: just pretend everyone in your charge is a brand new 2nd lieutenant.


photo credit: 5 NatSec Things

All views presented reflect those of the contributor. intuitiveBLU does not endorse any specific political beliefs or views.


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