/writing/ A Cerebral Dive

PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE FOR large volumes of writing – journalists, authors, PhD candidates to name just a few – are often cerebral by nature. Their world exists in their head, and to create something of meaning, they dig deep within. (Cerebral in this sense does not necessarily equate to intelligence. We can dig deep and still... Continue Reading →

/writing/ Three Sided Stories

AS THE ‘OL saying goes: There is always three sides to a story – side A, side B, and the truth. As I stand knee-deep in conflicting data for an annual donor / client report, there seems an appropriate applicability to the development setting: There is four sides to client reporting: M&E, communications / reporting,... Continue Reading →

/writing/ Beware: Proxy Battles

I’VE BEEN ON a recent history streak. One theme that continually intrigues me is the concept of proxy battles. In plain terms, it goes something like this: -Interest A conflicts with interest B. -Interest B is friends with interest C. -Interest A avoids direct confrontation with interest B, and instead, attacks interest C. -Interest C... Continue Reading →

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