The intuitiveBLU concept was born out of a sobering recognition that development-based communications needs to be approached more thoughtfully and with a broader understanding of what it can contribute to the development industry. Put another way: Development communications is severely undeserved, it needs to be redefined in a meaningful way.  We are naive enough to think that we can make that happen. The site is organized by our core interests…

/writing/ The ultimate exercise in organizing thoughts. It can be a painful process at times, but it’s sure an invaluable result when completed well. We offer a series of communications-, leadership-, and strategy-based writing that captures the experience experience of our field-based contributors. If you’re looking for stuffy academic writing or generic think-tank pieces about countries half way around the world, we may not be for you.

/theBLU/ The trusty ‘ol newsletter never fails. Sign up for theBLU, the latest intuitiveBLU offerings, news, thoughts, and tidbits from the field sent directly to your inbox.

/doing/ Thinking is great, but nothing beats the excitement of taking the next step in implementing a new concept. We know it well. We’ll be delivering announcements of new updates on existing projects from our contributors.

/consulting/ intuitiveBLU is a registered LLC with ambitions of delivering services to contractors, governments, local groups, and other development agencies. We will continue to build out our formal business line as the intuitiveBLU concept and network evolves. Stay tuned.

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